Shaikujin Hit


A corporation has put a hit out on one of its own, a Shaikujin saw something that he should not have and instead of keeping his mouth shut went to the Star.

The Execs paid the right people and the problem went away, but the Samaritan fled to the 208th and picked him self up some protection. Needless to say, our employer wants this situation taken care of. I feel you can take care of this no questions asked.

The Shaikujin is holed up in the basement of an old storage facility in the 7780th block of the 208th. He has hired himself Ticker and his gang of Mercs. My contacts tell me Ticker always runs with at least a dozen men as backup and they are expecting a fight. Two men go out once a week for supplies before returning. I believe Ticker intends to move the contact to a new location soon.

This is the third time Ticker has gotten on the wrong side of one of my clients, and as extra incentive I am willing to pay for your personal touch on him and his group.

My advice is hit them soon before they have a chance to mobilize, or learn their route and box them in.


60,000 Y to kill the target
20,000 Y for putting a bullet in Ticker’s head.
2,000 Y per Merc you drop


  • Any number of Runners, Even split of payout.
  • Vidcap of the deceased’s body for Payment.
  • Dog-tags of Mercs for payment.

Shaikujin Hit

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