Mob Rule



Yakuza Contact. + Completion of “Cut a deal with the Cutters”

The Yakuza Oyabun was impressed with your work in your last job, and thinks you can handle something with a bit more heat. The Yaks and the Mafia have been fighting over turf in the Basement for sometime. But in the street wars only the fingers of the Mob get cut off, Hiri Take wants the entire hand.

Infiltrate the Mob’s key locations and take the heads of each of its knuckles before striking the hand it self. Hiri Take’s words not mine.

you are to Kill ‘Blue Eyes’, ‘Three Toes’, ‘The Weasel’, ‘Revolvers’ and ‘The Cook’ before taking out Alberto Venegoni


10,000 Y per runner upon accepting the contract
Payment of 50,000 for each ‘Knuckle’
Payment of 250,000 for Alberto Venegoni


  • Any number of Runners, Even split of contract killings.
  • This is a 6 part Mission, once accepted, you have 3 months to complete the job.
  • You can do other side work while doing this job, as long as its completed by the deadline.
  • Payment after verification of each hit.
  • Alberto Venegoni must be killed last. this is to instil fear into the Mafia.

Mob Rule

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