Katsu Nami


(Pronounced: Kats-Tsu-Nam-Mi)
Katsu is the Co-proprietor of The Litter Box, a dive bar in Touristville, Redmound. The building was originally an old motel, but since the meltdown the main floor was retrofitted into a dive Bar. All walks of life frequent here, but the armed guards packing fully automatic weapons and cyber keep the peace. That and the Box’s famous Wall of the Dead that lays behind the bar. The wall is filled with polariods of those who caused trouble and met their end in the establishment. The wall itself is The Litter Box’s main attraction to the Bellevue slummers and tourists.

Katsu and Mac run the joint, while the whores do their work upstairs. All of this is really a front to Katsu Nami’s real business.

If your looking for a larger payout, but not sure who to contact? Katsu Nami is known for her discretion. Most of her jobs are for unknown entities, at least as far as your concerned. The added risk means extra pay and Intel. Kastu takes pride in making sure her runners know what they are up against. She encourages runners to do their own legwork though, and is known for being ruthless to those who injure her Rep. You botch one of her runs you better watch your back..

Available Runs

[ [Don’t Drek where you eat]] – Completed

Shaikujin Hit – Available

Cut a deal with the Cutters – Requires 1 job completed.

Mob Rule – Requires Contact Rep.

Katsu Nami

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