Don't Drek where you eat


Normally I don’t do work in my own area, but a particularly good customer had a Dataslave turn Rogue. He took three drives worth of corporate data and fled here to Touristville before he ended up on the wrong side of Knight Errant’s “justice”. The Paydata was backed up, but with it in Errants hands its as good as useless.

The Exec wishes to remain anonymous, and requires the data to be destroyed. In order to do this there are only two options, break in and wipe the system, or blow it to hell. The Errant outpost is small. They keep their system off the grid to keep hackers out, so your going to have to find a way into their server room. The guards placed here in Touristville are not much to look at, Squires of Errant more like, but they carry decent fire-power and put on a show for the tourists.

My contacts tell me while Errant has the data installed they have not looked at it yet. this job needs to be completed before they check the drives and ship it to corporate.


57,000 Y upon execution, split amongst the runners.

Additional opportunity of pay-data if you take a decker with you.


  • Any number of Runners, Even split of pay and paydata.
  • Paydata can only be taken from Knight Errant’s Security Protocols.
  • If caught with corporate data, or stealing other paydata from the drives the job will be considered botched, nulling payment and future work.
  • Wipe Knight Errant’s server or blow it up for completion.

Don't Drek where you eat

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