Cut a deal with the Cutters


The Yaks have noticed a group cutting into their turf in the bargain basement. A influx of a new drug and cutter pushers are showing up on the streets. The new drug is potent and popular, so the Yaks have decided to strike a deal. You are to negotiate.

Either convince the cutters to pull their goons and part with half their profit, or cut them out and remove the competition.

The Yaks are willing to pay extra if you can convince the cutters to use their man power to push their drug for the Yakuza. Problem is the Cutters are so focused on making Nuyen for their Syndicate that they never listen to reason. I feel this is a fools errand, and you are better off letting your bullets do the talking.

The Cutters in this area are ill equipped, a side branch of the larger gang. From what i can tell they have a small drug lab somewhere under one of the apartment complexes and a warehouse in the industrial quarter of the bargain basement. My contacts tell me they have over 50 men, but many of those are on the street moving the drugs.

Hit the warehouse and use that as leverage as a bargaining chip, or capture a Geek and extract the information on the lab.


100,000 Y +a Yakuza Boss Contact (Hiri Take) to Cut a Deal.
60,000 Y + a Yakuza Member (Kato Shisu) Contact, to take the warehouse and the Lab for the Yakuza
40,000 Y to extract the formula for the drug and push the cutters out of the territory


  • Any number of Runners, Even split of pay + contacts
  • Yakuza must receive at least 50% of Cutter Profit to gain full payment.

Cut a deal with the Cutters

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