Bunraku Breakout

A wealthy client is paying top Nuyen to retrieve a family member who was captured by the Yakuza to work in a Bunraku parlor. The client also wants to hurt those responsible where it counts, the wallet. As a result the client is willing to pay a bonus for each Bunraku extracted from the den in addition to the primary target as well as a hefty bonus for the delivery of a virus to the local mainframe of the parlor.

Time is of the essence. Our intelligence reports that the primary target has not been lobotomized in preparation for the bunraku simsense rig yet.

Rescue the Primary target: 10,000
Each additional prostitute extracted: 1,000
Successful delivery of the virus: 5,000

Primary target must be extracted within 24 hours of accepting the mission.
4 or more Shadowrunners are suggested and a Decker is required to upload the virus.

Bunraku Breakout

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