Quentin St. Croix, "Kudzu"

Former Mage Detective from the gentile streets of Savannah, CAS


Body: 3
Quickness: 2
Strength: 2
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 4
Essence: 6
Magic: 6 (9)
Reaction: 3

Conjuring: 4
Etiquette (Law Enforcement): 2
Etiquette (Street): 3
Firearms: 3
Magical Theory: 4
Sorcery: 6
Unarmed Combat: 2

Initiative: 3 + 1D6

Dice Pools
Combat: 5
Magic: 6 (9)

Mr. Johnson
Talismonger (Hecate Medea)
Lone Star Detective (Dixon McSullivan)
Thrill Gang Lieutenant (“Shiv” Rodriquez)
Renraku Mid-Level Executive (Mandy Wu)

Armor Jacket (5/3)
(3) Expendable Fetishes (for all spells)
HK227 SMG (with laser sight, silencer, Gas Vent III and 100 rounds ammo)
Middle Lifestlye (2 months prepaid)
Power Focus: 3
(2) Stimulant Patches
(2) Trauma Patches: 4

Mana Bolt: 3
Sleep: 2

Analyze Truth: 2
Clairvoyance: 2
Detect Life: 2

Increased Reflexes: 2

Invisibility: 2

Armor: 3

Starting Cash: 10,000


The St. Croix are an ‘Old Money’ family from the Savannah gentry, able to trace their ancestry to before the Revolution (the first one, there were three you know). Quentin is the middle son so it was only a minor scandal when he decided to drop out of the Virginia Military Institute (where every male of his family had gone for more generations than most could count) to further develop his magical talents in a CAS law enforcement Academy.

Quentin did well working with the CAS FBI, Savannah field office, and solved several high profile cases, including the much touted case of the Savannah SimSense Strangler (a homicidal Decker who created SimSense programs that would actually asphyxiate their users).

Knight Errant eventually wheedled their way into getting the local Law Enforcement contract for Savannah. As a result, the lengthy, high-end investigations that thrilled Quentin became a thing of the past in favor of quick, cheap street rips and head-busting tactics.

Quentin decided to leave that life behind in search of private work as a detective. What he found was that the general public has about as little use for protracted (and expensive) investigations and investigators as Knight Errant. His talents eventually led him to turn to Shadowrunning and that brought him to Seattle.

Quentin St. Croix, "Kudzu"

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