David "Lowrider" Two Ravens

"Don't bleed on my upholstery."


Name: David “Lowrider” Two Ravens
Metatype: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Solid silver
Hair: Black, shoulder-length, perfect
Skin: Tan
Description: Slim, hawkish Native-American features
Style: Jeans, cowboy boots, gray plaid shirt, black bomber (armored) jacket, cowboy hat, medicine bag around neck

Body 5
Quickness 6
Strength 4
Charisma 4
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5
Essence 1.35
Reaction 6(10)

Bike 4
Car 5
Electronics 3
Ettiquette (Corp.) 1
Firearms 2
Gunnery 4
Ground Vehicles (B/R) 2

Initiative: 6(10)+1d6(3d6)

Dice Pools
Combat 8
Control 6(10)

Karma: 6

Cybereyes (low-light, flare protection, thermographic)
Vehicle Control Rig 2

Street Doc: Squid (human veteran corpsman and unlicensed physician, god-father)
Mechanic: Wrench (dwarf, old friend)
Tribal Chief’s Daughter: Snowy Deer

2 surveillance drones(“Heckle and Jeckle”, rigged with remote gear
Ares Predator (external smartlink, 4M2), 20 rounds ammo
Armor jacket (5/3)
DocWagon Contract (Platinum)
Eurocar Westwind 2000 (“Miranda”), rigged, concealed LMG (7s), 2-shot missile launcher, 1000 rounds belted ammo, remote gear, Body 3, Speed 70/210, 2 AVMs (12D8, 6D4)
Hunter-Spotter Drone (“BA”), 2 LMGs (7S), 1000 rounds belted ammo, rigged, remote gear
Middle Lifestyle
Patrol Vehicle (“Gracey”), 2 LMGs (7S), remote gear, 1000 rounds belt-fed ammo
Remote control deck, 3 slave ports, Body 3, Armor 2, Speed 60/180

Starting Cash: 26315


David Two Ravens grew up on the streets of Seattle. His parents were both killed by stray gunfire during a Lone Star raid on a nearby gang headquarters when he was six, and from that point he was raised by his god-father, Frank “Squid” Patten. Squid tried to raise him safely, but starting at the age of 13, David began working as a courier for gangs. Over time, he graduated from carrying messages by foot to carrying drugs by bicycle, then from carrying money by motorcycle to carrying sealed briefcases by car.

In his first foray into serious running, he hired on as an assistant to “Wrench” Callahan, a dwarf rigger. On that mission, Wrench took a bullet that incurred brain and spine damage that ensured that he would never be able to use a vehicle control rig again. Taking out a loan from one of his former employers, David had a cyberware suite installed to take the final step to becoming a rigger. Since then, he has repaid the loan, and earned himself the street-name “Lowrider” working as a wheelman.

On the surface, Lowrider gives the impression of style over substance. He wears current fashions and listens to the latest music, often caring less whether he likes it than that it is the hot thing. On a deeper level, David is emotionally closed-off, using a facade of shallowness to distance himself from others. What friends he has, however, he keeps close and will do anything for.

David "Lowrider" Two Ravens

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