Ares Macrotechnology Inc.

HQ: Detroit, Michigan, UCAS
Seattle Divisions: Knight Errant Security (Private Security), Ares Arms (Small Arms)

Atlantean Foundation

HQ: Atlanta, Georgia, CSA
Seattle Divisions: Atlantean Foundation, Seattle (Atlantis, Magically Active Employment)


HQ: Mexico City, Atzlan
Seattle Divisions: Aztechnology, Northwest Divisions (Diversified Products – Electronics to Armaments)

Federated Boeing

HQ: Seattle, UCAS
Seattle Divisions: Aerospace Research, Boeing Assembly Plant (Commercial and Military Aircraft)

Fuchi Industrial Electronics

HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Seattle Divisions: Fuchi Systems Design (Research, design and production of advanced Tech)


HQ: Olympia, Salish-Shidhe Council
Seattle Divisions: Gaeatronics (Power and Water for all Seattle)

Lone Star Security Services

HQ: Austin, Texas, CSA
Seattle Divisions: LSSS-Seattle(Computer and Physical Security Services – The Cops!)

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

HQ: Kyoto, Japan
Seattle Divisions: MCT North America (Data processors and computer interface and control devices)

Renraku Computer Systems

HQ: Chiba, Japan
Seattle Divisions: Renraku America (Data storage and manipulation, mainframe hardware. SeaSource – Seattle public data base contract)

Shiawase Corporation

HQ: Osaka, Japan
Seattle Divisions: Shiawase Atomics (Power), Shiawase Envirotech (Tech with low enviro impact), Shiawase Biotech (Cyberware and biotechnology)


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