Character Creation

1. Select one of the Archetypes provided.

2. You may select one skill in which to have a Concentration.
The character has spent most of his study and practice time on mastering that form of the skill. By narrowing his focus this way, the character obviously cannot give as much attention to related forms. For example, two characters who have the same ratings in Stealth will have different effective ratings if one of them concentrates in Stealth (Urban). The urban fellow will be better than the other guy on the city streets but worse in the wilderness. Use of the chosen concentration applies + 1 to the rating, while other uses of the general skill apply -1 to the rating. Thus, a character decides to concentrate on Pistols within his Firearms Skill. He has a Skill Rating of 4. He will use pistols at a Rating of 5 and all other types of firearms at a Rating of 3.

3. Select any generic Contacts on the Archetype, such as ‘Any Street’ or ‘Any Corporate’. Name and describe them if you like. If you don’t the GM may do it for you on the fly!

4. Find a drek-ton of virtual d6 and get ready to run in the Shadows!

Character Creation

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