Vladamir 'Vlad' Hightower


Vlad has been running the shadows for 7 years now. Before that, I was just another street urchin growing up in Redmond, trying to scratch out a living. Petty theft eventually led to the first run. I quickly determined I was not cut out to be the ‘Muscle’ so I began learning the art of the Decker. After a few years of basic runs, by skills were top notch, and I was ready for the big times.

Lately I have been running with a group, and things were going fine. They had developed a pretty good reputation, and had been getting some pretty good runs lately. That is until the last run. Our defacto leader, Venom, got a little too cocky for our own good. He told us he had everything planned out, but things went to Drek real fast. We barged into the front lobby of a corps office, and they were clearly waiting for us. Half of our group were dead before we even got a chance to return fire. Only two of us survived, myself and our Mage, Orion. We split up, and haven’t contacted each other since.

Someone set us up, but I haven’t been able to figure out who. The Mr. Johnson we were using turned up dead the next morning, and he was my only lead. I scoured the net, but have yet to find out who set us up. So until then, I need a run to pay the bills.

Vladamir 'Vlad' Hightower

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