Talias Fireleaf, "Tracker"

A mysterious elf samurai who is consumed with vast amounts of cyber.


Character Sheet

Talias Fireleaf has been running in the shadows since the Night of Rage. Although many do not know his origins, he was one of the first elves to cut his ties with magic
for the perks of cybernetic enhancments. Emerging as a runner after extensive surgery Talias took on the nick name ‘Tracker’, few still alive know his original name.
For an Elf, Tracker is short, standing close to human height he easily blends into a crowd. His original red hair has been augmented white.
Facial augs and tatoos mask his orininal appearance as if he was trying to kill his past and awaken as a new creature of death.

Tracker fancies himself an assassin, but he still keeps a few core rules, while he kills when necisary he wont take contract hits against women or children.

His contacts are few and far between;
Hether Smith, A human bartender who he keeps an open relationship with. She feeds him intel, he pretends they share more then a phisical bond.
Mac Winston, A descreete Street Doc from the lower quarter. Has a small clinic, but is skilled in elven anatomy. He is also expensive.
Glenai Riverwind, An Elf Metahuman Rights Activist. Politics gets you into trouble from time to time, but also has its perks. Tracker has bailed Glenai out a few times.
Trukk One-Horn, A Troll Hallloweener boss who owes Tracker a ‘Favour’. Trukk is known for letting his fists do the talking, and rellies on intimidation.

Tracker has a Rooftop Appartment in the lower district, buildings are linked by narrow walkways and ramps. Despite the location, the appartment is designed with utility
in mind. Multiple escape routes, entrance easily covered, the neccesities and a good vantage point, what more could a runner need?

Despite a lone wolf mentality Tracker often works with other runners. He is cautious keeping his safe house hiden from all but his closest allies.


Talias Fireleaf, "Tracker"

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