Matthew "HazzMatt" Hazzard (Deceased)

Patron Saint of PTSD


*Matthew “HazMatt” Hazzard

Street Samurai (version 2)

Body: 5 (7)
Quickness: 6 (8)
Strength: 6 (8)
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5
Essence: .4
Reaction: 6 (10)

Armed Combat: 5
Bike: 2
Etiquette (Street): 4
Firearms: 4
Stealth: 4
Unarmed Combat: 5

Initiative: 10 + 3D6

Dice Pools:
Combat: 9

Dermal Plating (1)
Muscle Replacement (2)
Retractable Spur
Wired Reflexes (2)

Street Doc (“Doc” Maxine Granger)
Fixer (Glitz)
Gang Member (Needle)

Data Display ( 100 Mp Memory)
Armor Jacket (5/3)
Ruger Super Warhawk (with external smartlink, 20 rounds regular ammo)
DocWagon™ Contract (platinum)
Harley Scorpion
Stun Baton
Remington Roomsweeper (with external smartlink, 50 rounds regular ammo)
Wrist Phone with flip-up screen
Smart Goggles (with low-light and flare compensation)
Respirator with pressure regulator
4 trauma patches
4 tranq patches (rating 10)
4 metal restraints
Katana 11M
Low Lifestyle

Starting Cash: 17,270


Matt is an nth-generation military brat. His father was a Marine, as was his grandfather, and so on, all the way back before WWI. Matt signed on for love of country, or at least what he thought was a country, and served in the UCAS Marine Corps for 20 years. Over the years, his patriotism wore down under the erosive forces of reality, fighting for causes that he never understood. Eventually, it was just a paycheck and a way to get the counter-rejection medications for all the lowest-bidder cyberware in his body. When he was finally retired out during a force drawdown, he found himself on the street. He had two decades of training and experience, but all of those jobs he had been promised were already taken by corporate security specialists where weren’t going to give up their offices.

Weeks went by. Matt had never gone so long without anyone telling him what to do. He drank his way through half of his savings, and found himself sitting on a pier, contemplating the cold, dark, inviting waters of the bay. He sat there for hours, surprised to find that he really couldn’t come up with a reason not to die. That’s when Maxine found him. Another UCASMC vet, she knew that look, and offered Matt another option, riding shotgun for a shipment of medical supplies.

Well, it ain’t a grand adventure, or a mission in life, but it keeps Matt away from the pier for another few days.

Matthew "HazzMatt" Hazzard (Deceased)

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