Mascon Quaid, "Khan"

Former Bodyguard to the rich and powerful, now just a lowly chummer.



Body: 6 (9)
Quickness: 6
Strength: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5
Essence: .2
Reaction: 5 (7)

Car: 6
Firearms: 6
Negotiation: 4
Stealth: 2
Unarmed Combat: 6

Initiative: 7 + 2D6

Dice Pools:
Combat: 8

Air Filtration: 5
Dermal Plating: 3

Armed Combat: 3
Bike: 3
Electronics: 3
Rotor: 3
Winged: 3
Etiquette(Street): 3
Etiquette(Corporate): 3
Etiquette(Media): 3
Biotech: 3
Throwing: 3

Skillwire: 3
2 extra Chipjacks
Wired Reflexes: 1
Cybereyes (with Low-light, thermographic and flare compensation)
Cyberears (with damper and high-frequency)

Mr. Johnson
Media Producer
Famous Former Client
Mitsuhama Security Senior Executive (Toshi Yakahama)

(3) Spare Clips
Ares Predator (with smartlink, 50 rounds exploding ammo)
Armor Clothing (3/1)
Concealed Holster
Carry License for Pistol
DocWagon Contract (Gold)
Lined Coat (4/2)
Armor Jacket (5/3)
Steyr AUG CSL System (with Gas Vent III, Shock pads, internal smartlink and 500 rounds ammo)
(10) Spare Clips
Pocket Secretary
Portable Phone (ear/boosted)
(3) Stimulant Patches: 6
(3) Trauma Patches
(1) Antidote Patch: 8
(5) Medkit Supplies
Tres Chic Clothing
High Lifestyle (2 months prepaid)

Starting Cash: 103,524

Good Karma: 8

Karma Pool: 1


Mascon Quaid was a Lieutenant in the UCAS Security Forces Special Operations Battalion attache team assigned to the Seattle Guard. He mustered out of the UCAS Security Forces with enough cash (acquired under mysterious circumstances) to get seriously cybered up and put his training to good use.

He quickly used his connections to get introduced to all the right people to get ever more prestigious gigs as a bodyguard to the rich, famous and politically connected. It was a sweet job while it lasted. He was on a team assigned to protect a visiting dignitary from the California Free State when the drek hit the fan. Needless to say the dignitary ended up as street-goo and Mascon’s reputation took a hit. He is trying to rebuild it but needs some cash to keep up his high lifestyle in the meantime. This has reduced him to running the shadows with the the unwashed masses…

Mascon Quaid, "Khan"

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