Liquid Ice


Character Sheet

Leader of the punk rock band, Slave of Attrition, She is the lead vocalist and headliner.
While her band plays in dives they have gotten a lot of attention in from the media.
Despite her fame, Ice continues her work in the shadows between gigs.

Some of those who dislike her claim she is a mercurial wannabe. To that she responds.
“No, I don’t want to be like mercurial, I don’t need to hit rock bottom and sell my self like that.
You want to get inside my head? come to my shows and listen to my music.”

Her work in the spotlight has earned her plenty of contacts useful for the shadows.
Her fame gets her in places guns cannot. and if she cant simply walk in, she will sneak in.

Most of her music, like other punk rock, targets the corporations, and she favours runs that
hit the big boys where it hurts.

Some of her Hit songs are:

Corporate Breakdown
Shadow Serpent
Wired Rage


Physical Adept Focused on Social Skills, and Negotiation.
Modified ears to look human, despite her heritage.
Eyes are Modified to look ice blue, and give an ethereal glow when angry or intrigued.

Focused on Pistol use, and Concealable weapons.

Media Producer, Don Garret
Bartender, Cilia
Bouncer, Gunter
Bodyguard, Carter James
Decker, “4 of Clubs”
Mechanic, Vincent Wolfe
Organized Crime Boss, Yakuza , Kato Yakumara
Corporate Secretary, Fuchi, Alice Day

Gang Boss, Eye-Fivers, Eddie Blackfoot
Detective, Lonestar, Pvt. Gordan Whelps
Fixer, Claudia
Metahuman Rights Activist, Barry Grant.


Liquid Ice

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